Wantbrd is a creator-centric community that gives you more time to focus on what you do best, creating.

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What is Wantbrd?

Wantbrd is a place to create and share shopable collections of your favourite products grouped into boards, so your followers and view and buy the things you recommend.


You can even post videos with Wantbrd, allowing you to share the products used in the videos with your followers

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Why use Wantbrd?

  • Always get asked about the things you use or recommend? Share your custom link to your Wantbrd anywhere.
  • Make money using your own affiliate links, monetising your expertise easily. Don't have your own affiliate links? We show you how.
  • Creators of all kinds, from athletes to photographers, makeup artists to gamers, tech enthusiasts to stylists, and beyond.
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  • Mia London Traveller

    I needed a really user-friendly and quick way to share my recommendations with my followers, Wantbrd has allowed me to do this as well as interact with them.

  • Daniel S Doran Surfer/Gamer

    Finally a place I can share all my recommendations in one place, and it's so easy to use!

  • Zeb Tech Enthusiast

    I often get asked what products I use or would recommend for certain setups, Wantbrd allows me to easily share these with my followers and use my own affiliate links.